Our method and innovation

Aponergy has incorporated all stages of the energy saving service to bring you a comprehensive range of services for managing your energy optimisation.

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We perform the energy audit for our client. This is provided with a simplified draft proposal quantifying the energy and financial gains.
We recommend implementation of the solutions if they generate gains of 20 to 40% (or more)

We carry out an annual energy audit to guarantee our service. We are constantly improving the energy performance target through technological monitoring and the integration of new solutions.

The equipment and technologies are continuously controlled and operated remotely by our “Energy Centers” to track achievement of the Energy Performance Target (EPT) defined with the client.

An independent engineering firm analyses the collected data to identify potential energy savings.
The envisaged solutions are modeled to quantify the savings made

We install the solutions adopted by Aponergy in partnership with the client’s existing service providers.

We meet with the decision maker(s) to clarify objectives and methods together.

At this meeting, we sign a mandate with our client to carry out an energy audit, and we authorise access to data on sites.
For an initial documentary analysis, we gather the first documents required for the energy diagnostic: energy bills, load curves, plans, etc.

One of our auditors, who is an engineer specialised in electricity, cold, etc., goes to take readings from cold production and heat production equipment, process-specific equipment and machinery, ventilation, lighting and other energy-using equipment. The engineer fits devices for additional measurements.

We sign a Energy Performance Contract (EPC), detailing the implementation of the simplified draft proposal, and regulating calculation of the fees for the energy saving service provision.

Remote Piloting by our Energy Center

The implementation of technologies for the control and regulation of energy-intensive facilities on a site is almost always insufficient by itself to generate the expected results during the preliminary study. The ongoing operation of the equipment is essential to achieving these targets.

This control of facilities is possible and rational through readings of BMS monitoring (building management system), and other data from the control automation, but it must be constant.

Our hypervision systems allow for the constant capture of energy management data item by item on each of the managed sites. Our information systems are compatible with all brands of automatons, sensors, and BMS / CTM (centralised technical management) systems on the market. In this way, we constantly collect data from all sites we operate, regardless of the level of equipment that existed prior to our involvement, and the additional equipment that we have used.

Within our Energy Center, our Energy Managers control, maintain and optimise remotely and in real time all facilities on our clients’ connected sites.

Via this control service included in the Energy Performance Contract, we contribute the time and the knowledge that our clients are lacking, so that the control systems can perform to their full potential.

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