About us

Who are we?

French leader in energy performance contracting.

We are an energy service company independent of any industrial, manufacturer, energy supplier or financial organization. Our business is the reduction of consumption in industrial and commercial companies, communities, buildings, medical institutions, individual and collective housing, among others. All of them share the common characteristic of high energy costs.

We turn energy efficiency on its head by transforming the necessary investment in infrastructure into a service. Indeed, reducing consumption always implies important investments that we carry out on behalf of our customers. We enable them to improve their results without any expense. Our independence and a permanent regulatory and technological watch provide the most advanced objectivity and relevance in the diagnosis made, as well as in the solutions recommended. Our specific methods provide our clients with the best possible guarantee: the performance obligation.

Our historical presence at the heart of regulatory bodies, technical partners and service providers, and the financial sector allows us to consolidate a global offer at the service of all clients. Our spirit of innovation remains one of our signatures. Our constant search for new solutions brings daily performance gains that we pass on to our clients. A portfolio of clients managed to outperform the average target.

Expert consulted by the French National Assembly, the DGEC, ADEME, AFNOR… about energy transition. Aponergy is present and active throughout France, the West Indies, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, and Romania.

Our mission

To help individuals, professionals, and communities to achieve energy savings by defining solutions that will generate significant energy savings and by financing the cost of their implementation through our role as a third-party financier.

Our solutions include the valuation of White certificates.

For professionals, our energy efficiency service is delivered through an EPC (Energy Performance Contract), directive 2012/27EU, which is a regulated contract under European law resulting from the Grenelle II environmental law.

Carbon footprint reduction

Thanks to Aponergy :

  • 68,000 TONS of CO2 saved d'économisées.
  • On the managed portfolio, an exceptional ratio of 9 Kg of CO2 erased/€ invested

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