Financial partners

The fight against global warming and the preservation of our living conditions requires, as we know, important investments in the infrastructure of the energy transition. The development of green and ethical finance is part of this process, and has become an arm of the necessary energy transition, which, although underway, still needs to be significantly accelerated.

The situation of the energy market and the financial markets is further accelerating the need for reflection and action.

However, as a financial institution, you need to be able to rely on the knowledge and experience of companies that are knowledgeable and experienced in the technical areas of the business, as well as in project financing, in order to invest with complete peace of mind.

Aponergy, by deploying its activity on the ESCO (energy service company) model, is a partner of choice that combines these two areas of expertise, and boasts a wealth of experience in France and Europe.

Aponergy offers you the opportunity to invest in portfolios of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. These energy transition assets are tangible and allow us to quantify and monitor the evolution of extra-financial indicators.

  • Carbon footprint reduction: For the portfolio under management, as well as for the portfolio under development by Aponergy, each euro invested generates a reduction of 9 kg of CO2 (scope 1). This exceptional ratio can benefit your portfolios in a controlled way.
  • Energy performance: The portfolio of service contracts managed by Aponergy has a recurring technical outperformance of +4.5%. This means that our clients are benefiting from more energy savings than we promised them when the contracts were set up. This technical and financial goodwill is shared between the customers and Aponergy and its financial partners.

Thus, Aponergy reliably offers you:

A process for sourcing, qualifying and developing projects that meet the above criteria

The opportunity to invest in controlled tangible assets that :

Reduce the carbon footprint of your portfolios

Protect your portfolios against inflation

Benefit from an outperforming energy efficiency track record

Aggregate projects into portfolios of your size

In addition to these extra-financial rating criteria, there is of course the financial profitability. The performance of the various financial instruments issued is furthermore secured by the usual collateral, as well as by the use of credit insurers to back the flows.