We invest for you !

About us

Aponergy is revolutionising energy efficiency by considering it as a service, and not as an investment for its clients. In this way, making energy savings does not require any investment by consumers.

In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than sitting still

Our strengths

We invest for you

We invest for you

Energy consumption is a key investment theme; indeed, energy costs have an adverse impact on profitability. To reduce consumption, investment in infrastructure and technology is important. For this reason, Aponergy is investing for you and asks no capital outlay from you!
Performance obligation

Performance obligation

Aponergy delivers its energy efficiency services through a European law contract: the Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The EPC is a financial instrument especially designed to support the financing for energy efficiency projects. For the client, this brings:
  • Peformance obligation
  • Financing the installations
  • The possibility of benefiting subsidies such as Energy Saving Certificates (ESC)
Customized offers

Customized offers

The objectives and specific concerns of each client determine the solutions that we are called upon to implement.

Our independence ensures the objectivity and relevance of a diagnostic. Indeed, we do not depend on any supplier for solutions that we are called upon to implement..

Our services

Preliminary studies / Engineering

Energy audit, carbon footprint, engineering studies and economics

Financing and porting of solutions

Consultation of solution providers, financing and purchase of solutions to be implemented


Installation of solutions to reduce energy consumption

Control / operation by our energy center

Operation of energy regulation and saving solutions, control and maintenance


Technological and regulatory monitoring

And more !

We also assist you in terms of: Implementing ISO 50 001 Certification, obtaining Energy Saving Certificates (ESC), choosing the best contract with energy suppliers, counselling the importance of investments

Areas of interventions

Aponergy is present where the optimization of energy efficiency required a strong professional vision protecting the interests of our customers and enhance the environment

Areas of business

  • Food and specialised Distribution
  • Food and drink industries
  • Chilling rooms, freezing rooms & freezer stores
  • Health Care Facilities (clinics, hospitals, nursing and care homes ...)
  • Communities (urban lighting, public buildings, …)
  • Office buildings
  • Public access buildings (PAB)
  • Condominiums
  • Sovereign energy efficiency projects

Integrated technologies

  • Cold chain for food
  • Air-conditioning /heating systems
  • Food industrial Processes (cooking, drying, deep-freezing…)
  • Urban & tertiary lighting
  • Air treatment
  • Remote control of technical installations and energy consumption